Robin Lynch, Aerialist

Reaching New Heights!



  1. What kind of shows do you do?

    I do short shows and long shows, indoor shows and outdoor shows, family-friendly shows and grown-ups-only shows. I can be a self-contained show or part of your larger performance or event.

  2. How much height do you require?

    15 feet is the minimum height required to perform on aerial silks. A site evaluation is required.

  3. Are you insured?

    I carry performer’s liability insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency, which covers:

    Each Occurrence: $3,000,000 

    Damage to Rental Premises (Fire Legal Liability): $300,000 to rented premises

    Personal & Advertising Injury: $3,000,000 

    General Aggregate: $5,000,000

    Products - Completed Op. Agg.: $5,000,000 

    Medical Expenses: $5,000 

    Medical Payments to Audience Particpants: $5,000

    Insurance provider can fax rider including venue in coverage free of charge, with 1 week advanced notice.

  4. Can you rig from our ceiling?

    If there is a load-bearing beam or truss and a ladder, lift or catwalk for access, yes. I may need to speak to a building engineer familiar with the venue, or visit it for a preliminary assessment. Generally, I can rig from a drop point  that can support at least 2500 pounds, and I bring and set up all of my own rigging provided that there is a SAFE way to get up to the drop point or beam to rig such as a lift or a ladder.

  5. Can you rig from a drop ceiling?

    If and only if there is a rigging point above the drop ceiling to hang from. 

    Drop ceilings are also known as dropped ceilings, false ceilings or suspended ceilings. They were originally created to hide the floor and fixtures above a room and to provide acoustic control. Drop ceilings are installed at a height lower than the actual ceiling in a room. They are popular for their ease of installation, modification and versatility.

    If you do have a drop ceiling, a site inspection is required.

  6. What if there is no drop point in a venue?

    I do have an aerial rig that is 20 feet high and is used to perform at indoor venues that do not have rigging points and also outdoor events.

  7. Can you perform outside?

    Yes.  I do have an aerial rig which allows me to perform outside.  It is 20 feet high.  Although I cannot perform on the rig if the weather is rainy, windy or there is a thunderstorm. The weather must also be 60 degrees or higher outside.

  8. Can I and or anyone else touch your silks or rig?

    No.  Per my insurance requirements, clients and customers are not permitted to touch my silks or rig, whether I am in the air or not.

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